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Frank Thomas Knebel-Janssen (nar 9.8. 1981 v Berlíně), známý jako Thomas Gold,je německý DJ a producent.

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Thomas Gold - "Live A Little Louder"
Thomas Gold and Kosling featuring David Shane - "Escape"

Thomas Gold featuring Emy Perez - "Ain't Seen Before"
Thomas Gold and Teamworx - "We Remember"
Thomas Gold and Jac & Harri featuring Chad Kowal - "Without You"
Thomas Gold featuring Eagle-Eye Cherry - "Get Up"
Thomas Gold - "Hangover"
Thomas Gold and Raiden - "Someone New"
Thomas Gold featuring Bright Sparks - "Seventeen"
Thomas Gold and Angger Dimas - "Hi Lo"
Thomas Gold and Kosling featuring Matthew Steeper - "Wildest Dreams"
Thomas Gold featuring Sonofsteve - "Gold"
Thomas Gold - "Non-Stop"

Thomas Gold featuring Graham Candy - "Real Love"
Thomas Gold and Corey James - "Orinoco"
Thomas Gold - "Begin Again"
Thomas Gold - "Take It Back (To The Oldschool)"

Thomas Gold - "Don't Stop (Creepin')"
Thomas Gold - "Tumbler"
Thomas Gold featuring Mimoza - "Dreamer"
Thomas Gold - "You Know"
Thomas Gold - "The Chant"
Thomas Gold - "Better Versions Of Myself"

Thomas Gold featuring Jillian Edwards - "Magic"
Thomas Gold featuring M.Bronx - "Saints & Sinners"
Thomas Gold and Rico & Miella - "On Fire"
Thomas Gold and Amersy – "Can't Stop This Feeling"

Thomas Gold and Lush & Simon – "Morphine"
Thomas Gold and Deniz Koyu – "Never Alone"
Thomas Gold and Uberdrop – "Souq"
Thomas Gold featuring Bright Lights – "Believe"
Thomas Gold, Hiio and Harrison – "Take Me Home"

Thomas Gold featuring Kate Elsworth – "Colourblind"
Thomas Gold and Borgeous – "Beast"

Thomas Gold featuring Kaelyn Behr – "Remember"
Thomas Gold – "Sing2Me"

Thomas Gold – "Miao"
Thomas Gold – "The Beginning / Fanfare / Circles"
Dirty South and Thomas Gold featuring Kate Elsworth – "Eyes Wide Open"

Dirty South and Thomas Gold featuring Kate Elsworth – "Alive"

Thomas Gold – "Agora"
David Tort, Thomas Gold and David Gausa – "Areena"
Thomas Gold – "Marsch Marsch"
Thomas Gold and Alex Kenji – "What's Up"
Fatboy Slim and Thomas Gold – "Star69"
Thomas Gold – "Work That / Kananga"
Thomas Gold – "The Button"

Thomas Gold featuring Amanda Wilson – "Just Because"
Thomas Gold – "In Your Face"
Lee Cabrera and Thomas Gold featuring Tara McDonald – "Shake It (Move a Little Closer)"
Thomas Gold and Matthias Menck – "Everybody Be Somebody"
Systematic and Thomas Gold – "Don't Tell"

Thomas Gold and Eric Smax featuring Inusa Dawuda – "Risin' Sun"
Thomas Gold and Eddie Cabrera – "Losing My Religion"
Thomas Gold featuring Amanda Wilson – "Something's Gotta Give"
Eric Smax, Thomas Gold and Niels Van Gogh Presents City Sneakerz featuring Michael Marshall – "Want 2 Be"
Thomas Gold and Montana Express – "To My Beat"
Eric Smax and Thomas Gold – "House Arrest"
Dim Chris and Thomas Gold – "Self Control"

Gold, Díaz and Young Rebels – "Open Sesame"
Wawa and Ortega and Gold – "No Problem 2007"
Björn Mandry and Thomas Gold – "Suppress You"
Wawa and Thomas Gold – "Latin Thing"
Chriss Ortega and Thomas Gold featuring Nicole Tyler – "Miracle"
Gold, Díaz and Young Rebels – "Don't You Want Me"
Gold, Smax and Gogh presents City Sneakerz – "You Don't Own Me"
Thomas Gold – "Rescue Me"
Chriss Ortega and Thomas Gold – "The Other Side"

Antolini and Moreno and Thomas Gold – "Don't Know Anybody"
Montana Express and Thomas Gold – "Don't Know"
Level K and Thomas Gold – "Animal Love"
Thomas Gold and Chriss Ortega featuring Tyler – "Hypnotized"
Eric Smax and Thomas Gold – "The Feeling / Crucified"

Chriss Ortega and Thomas Gold – "Lov"
Eric Smax and Thomas Gold – "S_Punk / Our Roots"

Nipri, Josh Le Tissier and Zhiko - "Like Magic" (Thomas Gold Edit)
C-Ro and Perttu - "Compass" (Thomas Gold Mix)
The Avener featuring M.I.L.K. - "Under the Waterfall" (Thomas Gold Remix)

Danny Ores - "Ouch" (Thomas Gold Remix)
Deniz Koyu - "Tung!" (Thomas Gold Remix)
Madonna - "I Rise" (Thomas Gold Remix)
John Lundvik - "Too Late for Love" (Thomas Gold Remix)
Alice Chater - "Thief" (Thomas Gold Remix)
Hardwell featuring Conor Maynard and Snoop Dogg - "How You Love Me" (Thomas Gold Remix)

Nicky Romero and Stadiumx featuring Matluck - Rise (Thomas Gold Remix)
Patrick Alavi - Goldbass (Thomas Gold Remix)

Ria Mae - Bend (Thomas Gold Remix)
Alex Adair - Casual (Thomas Gold Remix)
Cazzette featuring Jones - Handful Of Gold (Thomas Gold Remix)
New City - Dirty Secrets (Thomas Gold Remix)
Borgore - Best (Thomas Gold Remix)
Kato and Sigala featuring Hailee Steinfeld - Show You Love (Thomas Gold Remix)

Vicetone featuring Cosmos & Creature - Bright Side (Thomas Gold Remix Edit)

Borgeous featuring M.Bronx – Souls (Thomas Gold Remix)
Dash Berlin featuring Jonathan Mendelsohn – World Falls Apart (Thomas Gold Remix)

OneRepublic – Feel Again (Thomas Gold Club Mix)
Otto Knows vs. Coldplay vs. OneRepublic – Apologize and Fix Your Million Voices (Thomas Gold Bootleg)
Thomas Gold – AGORa (Thomas Gold 2012 Remix)
Digitalism – Zdarlight (Thomas Gold Rework)
Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime (Thomas Gold 2012 Rework)
Miike Snow – The Wave (Thomas Gold Remix)

Adele – Someone Like You (Thomas Gold & Mark Mendes Bootleg)
Thomas Gold – Marsch Marsch (Thomas Gold 2011 Rework)
Sander van Doorn – Reach Out (Thomas Gold Remix)
Adele – Set Fire to the Rain (Thomas Gold Remix)
Lady Gaga – Judas (Thomas Gold Remix)
Jay C & Felix Baumgartner – Souk (Thomas Gold Remix)
Hard Rock Sofa & St. Brothers – Blow Up (Thomas Gold vs. Axwell Remix)

Akabu featuring Boom Clap Bachelors - You Want It All (Thomas Gold Remix)
Moguai – We Want Your Soul (Thomas Gold Mix)
Jes – Awaken (Thomas Gold Mix)
Tomcraft – Loneliness (Thomas Gold Bootleg)
Akabu – Another Generation (Thomas Gold Remix)
David Tort & Norman Doray – Chase the Sun (Thomas Gold Remix)
Dero and Robbie Rivera featuring Juan Magan – Oh Baby (Thomas Gold Mix)
Static Revenger and Richard Vission featuring Luciana – I Like That (Thomas Gold Dub)
David Guetta featuring Chris Willis, Fergie & LMFAO – Gettin' Over You (Thomas Gold Mix)
Afrojack and Junior Jack – Esther vs. E Samba (Thomas Gold Mashup)
Ich & Ich – Einer Von Zweien (Thomas Gold Mix)
Schiller featuring Nadia Ali – Try (Thomas Gold Mix)
Chris Kaye – Don't Give Up (Thomas Gold & Matthias Menck Mix)

Undercover Lover – Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed?
Erick Morillo vs. Richard Grey – Say The Word (Thomas Gold Mix)
Pete Griffiths featuring Neve – Speak The Secret (Thomas Gold Mix)
Huggy & Dean Newton featuring Sam Obernik – Get Lifted (Indian Summer) (Thomas Gold Mix)
Fatboy Slim vs. Thomas Gold – Star 69 (Thomas Gold 09 'What The F..k Edit)
Dero – Dero's Rave (Thomas Gold Rave Mix)
Nari & Milani featuring Max C. – Let It Rain (Thomas Gold Mix)
Philippe B & Romain Curtis – Like This (Thomas Gold & Ortega Mix)
Antoine Clamaran – Reach For The Stars (Thomas Gold Mix)
Tommy Vee & Mauro Ferrucci with Ce Ce Rogers – Stay
Snap! – Do You See The Light (Thomas Gold Mix)
Ian Carey – SOS (Thomas Gold Mix)
The Rivera Project featuring Lizzie Curious – Sax Heaven
Paul van Dyk – We Are Alive (Thomas Gold Mix)
Carlos Russo – Massive Joy (Thomas Gold Remix)
Alan Pride – In Heaven (Chris Ortega & Thomas Gold Rmx)
Hott 22 – Wicked Games (Thomas Gold Mix)
Platnum – Trippin (Thomas Gold Remix)
Jay C – Multiply (Thomas Gold Mix)
Clearcut – Breathless (Ortega & Gold Mix)
Josh Jackson – Givin the World to You (Thomas Gold Mix)
Alex Gaudino vs. Nari & Milani feat Carl – I'm a DJ (Thomas Gold Mix)

Antoine Clamaran – Gold (Thomas Gold Mix)
Recover Project – Sweet Dreams (Chris Ortega & Thomas Gold Remix)
The Viron Ltd. featuring Max'C – Wanna Be Happy (Thomas Gold Remix)
Delerium featuring Sarah McLachlan – Silence (NvG vs. Thomas Gold Mix)
DB Boulevard – You're the One (Thomas Gold Mix)
Reza – There Is Power (Thomas Gold Remix)
Lexter – Peace & Love (Chriss Ortega & Thomas Gold Mix)
Valeriya – Wild! (Ortega & Gold Remix)
2 Tyme featuring Jennifer Jones – Missing You (Thomas Gold Remix)
Liquid Nation featuring Andrea Britton – Breathe Life (Ortega & Gold Mix)
Kaz James featuring Stu Stone – Breathe (Thomas Gold Mix)
Mario Ochoa – Amazing (Thomas Gold Mix)
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – The Sun Ain't Shining No More
The All-American Rejects – The Wind Blows (Thomas Gold Mix)
DJ Fist & Robinson Valentti – Reach (Thomas Gold Remix)
Paul Emanuel, Gav McCall & Katherine Ellis – Gotta Get Through (Smax & Gold Mix)
Sunloverz – Summer of Love (Ortega & Gold Remix)
Karanyi featuring Judie Jay – Libido (Dave Ramone & Thomas Gold Mix)
AnnaGrace – You Make Me Feel (Francesco Díaz & Thomas Gold Remix)
Sunfreakz featuring Mia J – Drive Out (Francesco Díaz & Thomas Gold Mix)
Christian George – Strangers (Thomas Gold Remix)
C.Y.B. – Now (Thomas Gold Remix)
Cahill featuring Nikki Belle – Trippin On You (Thomas Gold Remix)
Laurent Wolf featuring Eric Carter – No Stress (Ortega & Gold Remix)
Morgan Page – Call My Name (Thomas Gold Mix)
DJ Antoine – Feel the Beat and Dance (Chriss Ortega & Thomas Gold Booty Mix)
Stisch featuring Wayne Hussey – Hit Repeat (Thomas Gold Remix)
Flash Republic – Star (Thomas Gold Mix)
Mischa Daniëls – Run Away (Chriss Ortega & Thomas Gold Remix)
Till West & Eddie Thoneick vs. Alexandra Prince – Hi 'n' Bye
(Eric Smax & Thomas Gold Remix)
Pate No.1 – Shining Star (Smax & Gold Remix)
Soul Seekerz vs. Judy Cheeks – Reach for the Love (Smax & Gold)
Leonid Rudenko Pres. Big Boss – A Song for Ya (Thomas Gold Mix)
Thomas Penton & John C featuring Marcie – Sinners Kitchen
Jim Tonique & Patrick Bryze – Better World (Thomas Gold Remix)

Corinna Presi – What's Life (Thomas Gold Mix)
Mark Brown featuring Sarah Cracknell – The Journey Continues
H Two O featuring Platnum – What's It Gonna Be (Thomas Gold Remix)
Jody Watley – I Want Your Love (Thomas Gold Remix)
Dab Hands – Supergood (Thomas Gold Remix)
Chriss Ortega featuring Chandler Pereira – Separated (Ortega & Gold Mix)
George Acosta featuring Jeff Vylonis – Behind the Wheel (Ortega & Gold)
Altar featuring Amannda – Sound of Your Voice (Thomas Gold Mix)
Eric Smax – That's It (Thomas Gold Mix)
Houzecrushers – Gonna Get You (Smax & Gold Mix)
Alex Party – Read My Lips (Houzecrushers Mix aka Smax & Gold)
Filo & Peri featuring Eric Lumiere – Anthem (Thomas Gold Mix)
Jack Rokka vs. Betty Boo – Take Off (Smax & Gold Funky Sessions Mix)
O&G Project featuring Evo – Bad Ass (Ortega & Gold Remix)
Big Bass vs. Michelle Narine – What You Do (Playing With Stones)
Noir – FM (Thomas Gold Mix)
Sunburst – Beautiful Day (Smax & Gold Mix)
Benny Maze featuring Drew Brody – Utopía (Ortega & Gold Remix)
Peter Gelderblom – Waiting 4 (Thomas Gold Mix)
The S&M Project – One Man (Thomas Gold Mix)
Nick Jay – Pour It On (Thomas Gold Mix)
Leisure Groove featuring Sevi G – Fallen Angel (Ortega & Gold Mix)
Booty Luv – Don't Mess with My Man (Thomas Gold Disco Remix)
Just Jack – Writer's Block (Thomas Gold Mix)
Soundbluntz featuring Cheyne – (Maybe You'll Get) Lucky (Smax & Gold Mix)
Soulshaker & Ce Ce Peniston – Shame Shame Shame (Eric Smax & Thomas Gold Remix)
Topmodelz featuring Gary Wright – Heartbeat (Smax & Gold Remix)
Degrees of Motion – Do You Want It Right Now (Smax & Gold Remix)
Robbie Rivera featuring C & C Music Factory Music DJs – Aye Aye Aye (Ortega & Gold Remix)
Arias – Twelve (Ortega & Gold Remix)
George Morel vs. Chris Montana – Sex Girl (Thomas Gold Remix)
Ghosts – Ghosts (Thomas Gold Remix)
Freaks – The Creeps (Thomas Gold Mix)
Benedetto & Farina Feat Akram – I Miss U (Thomas Gold Remix)
Nicole Otero – Sunshine Song (Thomas Gold Mix)
Hilary Duff – Stranger (Smax & Gold Club Mix)
T2 featuring Jodie Aysha – Heartbroken (Thomas Gold Remix)
Loveshy – AM to PM (Thomas Gold Remix)
Buzz Junkies featuring Elesha – If You Love Me (Thomas Gold Remix)
Jim Tonique & Patrick Bryze – Better World (Thomas Gold Mix)
Wawa & Guy Williams – The Energy (Chriss Ortega & Thomas Gold Mix)
BassMonkeys Feat Naomi Marsh – The Answer (Smax & Gold Remix)
Taxi Doll – Waiting (Thomas Gold Remix)
Lexter – Freedom to Love (Chriss Ortega & Thomas Gold Remix)
Therese – Feelin' Me (Thomas Gold Remix)
City Sneakerz – You Don't Own Me (Eric Smax & Thomas Gold Remix)
Dan Marciano – Boy I Believe (Thomas Gold Mix)
Client – Drive (Thomas Gold Mix)
Two Tons of Fun – Feel It (Thomas Gold Remix)
Soulmaniax – Sensuality (Ortega & Gold Remix)
Hott 22 featuring Bonnie Bailey – No Promises (Thomas Gold Mix)
Chris Kaeser featuring Linda Newman – Celebrate (Ortega & Gold Remix)
Peak Time Killerz – Want You Back (WaWa & Thomas Gold Mix)
Francesco Díaz featuring Bonny Ferrer – Life Is Too Short (Thomas Gold Mix)
Sebastian Gnewkow – Disco Inferno (Thomas Gold Remix)
R.I.O. – De Janeiro (Thomas Gold Remix)
Atrium – In Love with You (Eric Smax & Thomas Gold Remix)

Gabi Newman – Under Pressure (Chriss Ortega & Thomas Gold Remix)
DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark – Eskalation (Level K Remix)
M-Factor – Open Your Eyes (Thomas Gold & Eric Smax Remix)
Niels van Gogh vs. Eniac – Pulverturm 2.0 (Smax & Gold Mix)
Houzecrushers – Touch Me (Eric Smax & Thomas Gold Remix)
Cascada – Truly Madly Deeply (Thomas Gold Remix)
Patrick Alavi, Basstard Slayerz – Goldbass (Thomas Gold Remix)
Markus Binapfl aka Big World – Fuerza (Thomas Gold Much Better Mix)
Strike – U Sure Do (Eric Smax & Thomas Gold Rmx)
Reza – There Is Power (Thomas Gold Mix)
VooDoo & Serano – Vulnerable (Thomas Gold Remix)
Stonebridge – SOS (Ortega & Gold Mix)
Ian Carey – Say What You Want (Smax+Gold Mix)
Martijn Ten Velden – Bleep (Ortega & Gold Mix)
Francesco Díaz vs. X-Static – I'm Standing (Thomas Gold Mix)
Soul Seekerz – Party (For the Weekend) (Eric Smax & Thomas Gold Mix)
Superfunk – Lucky Star (Eric Smax & Thomas Gold Ultraschall Rmx)
Systematic – I Am An Addict (Thomas Gold Alternative Mix)
Naomi Marsh – Now & Forever
The Sharp Boys – Dancefloor (Eric Smax & Thomas Gold Remix)
L1R featuring Zelina – I Don't Wanna Walk Away (Smax & Gold Mix)
Club – Deep Inside (Eric Smax & Thomas Gold Remix)
DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark – Stand Up (Ortega & Gold Remix)
Francesco Díaz & Young Rebels – Ibiza 2006 (Thomas Gold Mix)
Sunkids featuring Chance – Rise Up (Thomas Gold Remix)
Frank Savaro – No Stoppin' (Thomas Gold Punk Mix)
DJ Antoine – Arabian Adventure 2 (Chriss Ortega & Thomas Gold Remix)

Roger Sanchez featuring GTO – Turn On the Music (Ortega & Gold Remix)
DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark – Take Me Away (Ortega & Gold Mix)
DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark – Detonation (Thomas Gold Remix)
Aaron Smith Feat Luvli – Dancin' (Eric Smax & Thomas Gold Remix)
Openair featuring Gram'ma Funk – Hi Roller (Thomas Gold Remix)
VooDoo & Serano – Don't You Know (Level K vs. VooDoo & Serano Mix)
Chris Montana – Devil (Level K meets Chris Montana Mix)
Morris T featuring Janie Romer – Reach for the Sun (Ortega & Gold Remix)
Global Brothers vs. D-Luxe – Tell Me Why (Ortega & Gold Remix)
Ramone featuring Nicole Tyler – I Love the Nightlife (Thomas Gold Punk Mix)

Angel City – Do You Know (I Go Crazy) (Dee-Luxe Club Mix)
Angel City – Touch Me (Dee-Luxe Club Mix)

Despina Vandi – Gia (Level K Remix)
Brighton Project – Satisfied (Level K Remix)
Nalin & Kane – Beachball (Level K Remix)
Deux – Sometimes (Level K Remix)

Resource – (I Just) Died in Your Arms (Original Mix)
DJ Dan – Needle Damage (Ortega & Gold Remix)

The Ze-Factory DJs Pres. Azuca – Este Chico (I Fall In Love With You) (Frankk & Ramone Remix)
Yellow Mellow – Touch By Touch (Frankk & Ramone Remix)
Marc Maris vs. Alex Fuse – Es Vedra (Ramone & Frank Remix)

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